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We recommend that you book an initial free consultation with Sophia if you are unsure which treatment is best for you. Or drop us a line, or call us for more information, we’re always happy to help.



We use Circadia skincare products which boast pure botanicals, stem cell technology, second generation vitamins, and innovative peptide development. Basically, it’s high-end skin science. Dew’s comprehensive treatments give you visible results.

All prices are GST inclusive.

dew Drench Facial  
45 mins | $90 

This super-effective facial treatment features the finest hydrating ingredients to give your skin a new-found freshness and firmness. The skin drench treatment provides decadent enzyme exfoliation, critical moisture, and rich antioxidants, resulting in skin that looks and feels brighter, fresher, and renourished, with a youthful hydrated tone.



dew Biodynamic Facial 

60 mins | $120 

Everybody wants to look a little younger! This gorgeous treatment, rich in peptides, nutrients and vitamins, targets those tell-tale signs of ageing. The skin biodynamic treatment provides superior cleansing and exfoliating, deeply enhanced nutrition and anti-ageing collagen and elastin stimulation and repair.


dew Vital Facial 

60 mins | $120

Antioxidants are the body's defence against the stressors that rob our skin of its youth. This vital treatment replenishes those key antioxidants and delivers them deep into your skin where they're needed most, to repair and protect against damage. This treatment provides essential nutrition, and super-antioxidant protection to increase the health and vitality of your skin.


dew Select Facial

The facial for when you are not quite sure what would be best suited to you. Tailored to your skin needs on the day. Leave it to the skin experts to maximise your facial treatment for GOOD SKIN.




dew 'Fix Me' Facial Treatment
60 mins | $165 

Dew’s “chocolate and champagne” oxygenated facial treatment will take care of your acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation woes. This refreshing treatment softens and clears away dead skin cells and debris and generates energy in the cells, allowing for effective product diffusion. Skin is left feeling invigorated, and looking clearer and luminous.


dew Firming 'Lift' Facial Treatment  

60 mins | $165

Designer peptides, antioxidants and regeneration science are the cornerstone of this treatment. Stimulating the deeper layers of the skin to address advanced signs of ageing, dull, sagging or UV-damaged skin, to improve lymphatic stimulation and anti-glycation. The result is firmer and tighter skin, with more radiance.




dew-drop-dead Gorgeous Facial Treatment  
90 mins | $180

Treat yourself to one of our most advanced cosmeceutical treatments on offer. There are no limits to what this treatment can entail. Leave it to the good skin specialists at Dew to design a treatment based around the needs of your skin, and skin goals. This treatment includes either our Retinol skin PT or Vitamin C luminosity mask add-on. Our promise is that by the end of your treatment, your skin will look and feel AMAZING!




Our wedding packages are designed in a way that can be adjusted to suit your skin needs, concerns, and goals. We can further customise any of our treatments on our full menu to accommodate you. Come in for a free consultation and talk to Sophia who can guide you through your options, or book one of our flexible wedding package options. Just for you, for your special day!

For the bride

dew GOOD SKIN Wellness Package 

Recommended over a 2 to 3-month period 

Two facials or peels or dermaplaning or aquafacial
One specialty facial or mesotherapy or BB Glow



dew Ultimate GOOD SKIN Wellness Package

Recommended over a 4 to 6-month period 

Four facials or peels or dermaplaning or aquafacial
Two specialty facials or mesotherapy or BB Glow

Either package includes:
*  A complimentary hand or foot massage to help relax and unwind at each visit.
*  Add-on 15 minute LED light therapy bonus (claim when booking).
*  Three Circadia 14ml skincare products at first visit (cleanser, day cream, and night cream).
*  Recommendations for your GOOD SKIN skincare routine. 
*  10% off any Circadia skincare purchases.


For the mother of the bride

dew Divine GOOD SKIN Package

Two 75-minute treatments designed specifically for the bride's mum, focused on the things that matter to her. Whether it's 
fine lines, pigmentation, sun spots, skin texture or tone, or pure and simple pampering with results. The goal is for her skin to 
look and feel divine. 


* Brides and mums, please ask about skin rejuvenation packages if you have scars, acne scarring, deeper wrinkles, pigmentation, loose skin. or photo-ageing you wish to address.



Retinol Skin PT 

This highly effective Vitamin A Retinol (2.5%) treatment is ideal for thickened, wrinkled and pigmented skin. A non-invasive reduction in the appearance of fine lines to improve overall skin tone, to refresh, refine, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. A skin workout without the effort.

Vitamin C Luminosity Mask


This treatment combines alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), hyaluronic acid and antioxidants in the form of vitamins A and C, to fight the signs of photoaging to improve skin elasticity and firmness, resulting in bright, well-hydrated, dewy skin. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, too.


Ultimate Eye Peel Treatment

1st treatment | $140 (includes advanced eye revitaliser cream)

subsequent treatment | $60

Powerful rejuvenation of the upper and lower eye area, and crow's feet, with a lifting effect. Our advanced anti-aging revitalising eye cream, containing peptides and flavonoids, lessens the signs of wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity and eye contour rejuvenation.

The eye cream is for you to take home to use daily for continuous improvement of the initial peel during the course of treatments.

A series of 5 treatment sessions is recommended for best results. We offer a special deal if you would like to pre-pay for all 5 sessions.


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